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Sonar Server from Digital Yacht - Create better bathy charts for your port, harbour or marina

News   •   Apr 25, 2017 08:00 BST

Sonar Server from Digital Yacht - Depth recording and custom bathy charts on an iPad or tablet with the Navionic's app

Sonar Server is a new, low cost wireless interface from Digital Yacht designed to send real time depth data from any NMEA compatible depth system, fish-finder or sounder to the popular Navionic’s charting app.  This app allows users to view sonar recordings in an exciting real-time display on their mobile device as well as providing high quality marine charting. SonarCharts Live is truly fascinating to watch – as you move, you’ll see the display create new bathymetry overlaid on the detailed charts.

Sonar Server from Digital Yacht acts as a wireless gateway from on board electronics to the phone or tablet – sharing boat depth data with the app.  It creates a wireless network on board that can typically footprint a boat up to about 25m in length. In addition to depth information being transmitted, GPS data can also be sent allowing the Navionics app to utilise boat data for positioning on the chart as well as depth recording. This allows devices without a GPS, such as a Wi-Fi only iPad to utilise the charting app for real time navigation.

While no internet connection is required for the system to function, the next time the tablet has a connection, the collected data will be uploaded anonymously to Navionics who then validate the data running a sophisticated algorithm correcting for tide and inaccurate data (and that of others too) and include on their next chart updates – so data gets better and better thanks to community data sourcing. You can also build your own personal database too with local “depth tracks” stored on your device.

Applications for harbour authorities are endless - you have in effect your own, low cost, mini survey system which can be used on work boats, tenders, tugs and pilot vessels.  

For vessels without a compatible depth system, we offer a complete solution with active transducer and this can even be supplied as a survey kit with carry case, external GPS and tablet.

SonarServer is very affordable.  Find out more at and start enabling next generation charting and navigation today.  For more information and a contact for custom applications, reach out to Nic Guerin ( or give us a call: +44 117 954 7474 or +1 978 277 1234

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