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Digital Update May 2018 - New products and solutions in marine electronics

News   •   May 01, 2018 11:50 BST

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Here's our letest edition of Digital Update - keeping you abreast of some of our latest products and solutions for marine electronic systems.  In this issue we take a look at:

  • Amazon Alexa integration on board for a "talking" nav solution or for checking vessel status from home
  • iKommunicate with Actisense EMU1 engine gateway - Get older engine data integrated and displaying on tablet and PC apps
  • AIS SARTs - A technology refresher
  • Legacy SeaTalk 1 gateway - Allows bidirectional NMEA and USB interfacing for older systems
  • New AISNet+ AIS base station for ports and marinas - Now with a built in AIS-VHF antenna splitter so existing VHF antenna installations can be utilised
  • People and Show updates

Download the update from HERE or click on the link below

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