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AIS - A non idiot's guide!

News   •   Sep 04, 2014 11:18 BST

At Digital Yacht, we see a variety of AIS technical questions and queries so for our dealer network we've posted useful information on our blog at  

Our CTO, Paul Sumpner has produced a "Non Idiot's Guide to AIS" which can be downloaded from the link below. Whilst this was produced a couple of years ago, the core technology and issues remain unchanged.  These other links may also be useful

The Non Idiot's Guide To AIS

What Makes a Great Class B AIS Transponder

Integrating a Class B transponder with DSC VHFs

AIS Transponder integration with Open CPN

AIT2000 LED Status Indications

Fault finding an AIT 000 Class B installation

Tender tracking with Class B AIS systems

Dedicated antenna or splitter for AIS Systems?

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